QLace system is a simple effective way to tight snowboard boot. It divides into two lacing zones, and each zone is controlled by special strengthen lace.
Just two pulls, and you are ready to go snowboard.

Click to download the user manual.


1. How to tight the boot?

To tight the boot, simplily pull two handles attached to our lace cables one by one. First pull handle marked with "lower zone" and then pull the second one marked "upper zone". After tighten the boot, wind extra lace cables around handles and put them back into pockets.
2. What should I do when I feel loose after snowboard a while?

It is normal to feel loose after snowboard a while. Just pull both handle again to tight the boot more.
3. How do I release the lock and boot?

Pull QLace lock cover toward top of the tongue to open position, and its cover will remain in its position. Pull the tongue outward like regular lace boot, and you can release the boot.

If you have any other questions and cannot find answer from above, please email to us at qlace@qlace.com


Send us your snowboard boot design, and we can help you to manufacture them with our QLace System

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Triple Nickle


You can download the user manual from here :

quick lace system v2 (1.6MB)

Each pair of our boots included one extra special strengthen lace. If you wish to buy replacment lace, please email to us and specify your boot size, model, and brand.



  If you wish to use snowboard boot with our system, please email to us at qlace@qlace.com

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